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Sorry I'm Late! Why are you smiling?

I know it's Saturday but I totally forgot this yesterday!

I started back to work this week and I get to work part-time!  I was laid-off in Jan but they are trying to get me back in and part-time was where they were able to do it!  It's perfect for us right now!

My daughter had her 8th grade grad dance last night and had a blast!  Graduation (or promotion) is this coming Thurs.

Drake is practically begging for more sign language and is soaking it up like a little sponge!  He's such a great kid!

Now your turns!  :)

Re: Sorry I'm Late! Why are you smiling?

  • Smiled really big today when I got to take a bath - a long one - as long as I wanted - for the second day in a row.

    Smiling because DD who has been having stomach/reflux issues for so long (a 14 day illness recently, but random throwing up all the time - for months now) - FINALLY had bloodwork drawn instead of the usual 'Its a Virus' and they found she has H. Pylori and she is being TREATED!!! I am NOT crazy. It really WAS something. Smiling b/c of the treatment & smiling for forcing them to do bloodwork! Smiling b/c it wasn't food allergies. Smiling b/c it's temporary.

    Smiling because I was picking with DS today. I knew he hadn't had his hands on the "Cat in the Hat" in a long time. I asked him (out of pure silliness) what was on page 5 & he said 'BUMP'. Then, out of shock, I said what's on page 10? 'And they look at the red fish'  And what's on page 12? 'And red fish up up up'   WOAH!!!! He wasn't looking at the book, if you're wondering. That was pure memory. He's probably read it 283 times though. Even if I had read it 283 times I'd never know what was on what page!

  • I'm smiling because DD is really getting to a fun age and makes us laugh all day long...and she laughs with us!

    I'm smiling because DD has been STTN since 2 months and her routine is starting to really come together!

    I'm smiling because I had a very nice weekend with DH and DD.  I am a lucky girl!

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