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Sesame Street Live & Monkey Joe's

Yeah, we did all of this in one day.  Sesame Street Live was pretty good.  The lovely Bev Perdue was spitting distance from us.  She was there with her granddaughter - front row - center.  Very gracious, she took pictures with people and talked with others during the intermission.  BabyHill got a high five from Elmo when he walked through during the show. He seemed more interested in the lights and confetti than the show.  He did try to dance and clap a few times. 

Then we went to Monkey Joe's.  That place is a blast!  I had fun in there.  The best $5 we ever spent.  I highly recommend this place for anyone with a toddler.  But be prepared to get down and dirty with them.  We had to carry him up the "ladders" to go down the slide, but he has sooo much fun.  Tons of giggles and screams.  

Re: Sesame Street Live & Monkey Joe's

  • If she was spitting distance did you land one on her?  Wink

    Sounds like Baby Hill had a BIG day!  Hope he sleeps good tonight for ya.

  • Monkey Joe's is great! We took dd a few months ago... we ALL slept well that night! All she wanted to do was go up and down the biggest slide so that meant DH and I kept climbing up that ladder... it was quite a workout!
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  • What a fun day! You both must be exhausted! :-)

    My DH's cousin's wife (got that?) sat in the table next to ol' Bev at Panera the other day. Sounds like she's not been doing much governing lately. hehe. Wink

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