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Refusing bottles??

Over the last couple of days, Maddie is becoming less and less interested in drinking her bottles. She'll drink maybe 2 oz and then refuse the rest. If I am persistent I can get her to drink another 2 oz or so by offering it every 10 minutes for the next hour (she will only drink a few sips at a time).

Today we waited until she was really hungry to give her a bottle, and once again, she only drank 2 oz. Then I got my lunch out and she freaked, wanting my food so much.

Any advice? Is this a phase? Obviously she has another 2-2.5 months before she is supposed to give up formula! I really never thought this would happen with her b/c she has always looooved her bottles.

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This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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Re: Refusing bottles??

  • See if she'll take the formula in the sippy cup. 

    This is textbook BabyHill attitude.  I gave up on bottles when BabyHill was 11 months old.  He drank formula out of a sippy till he was 1 and we switched to milk.  

  • Nate started refusing bottles around 9 months too (I think that's how old he was).  For us, it was just a phase.  He did it for about a week and then he went back to taking them again. 
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  • AT has stopped finishing his bottles too. He doesnt give up right away but I can def tell he is getting bored with them.

    Ive decided Im going to wean the mid morning bottle this month since he is 9m old now. Every month till he is 1 we will wean another bottle, bedtime bottle being his last.

    I would just offer her a stinks but once the food comes in its like all they want.

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  • Guess I should expand on my answer.  BabyHill starting fighting bottles at 6 months (we had level 3 nipple flow too!) At 10 months I started subbing in the sippy cup with milk.  At 11 months I took away all bottles because he preferred the cup.  I asked the pedi how much formula he should be getting and it made sense he wouldn't be needing as much since we were giving him real food.  I also introduced a little watered down juice. 

    Do continue to try the bottle, but it's not the end of the world to switch to the cup.  Same thing just a little more independence for the kiddos.  

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