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**Jojo & Jody**

They're filming again tonight for the last night.  Bring your super-zoom paparazzi lens Jody!

Re: **Jojo & Jody**

  • I just IM'd my brother that Ashton is filming near-ish my house and he wants to know why I am at my computer and not getting pictures for my brother. ?

    I told him what Dorinda was saying (on Jody's status from earlier) and he was like, "I would have been right them with them!"

    (yeah my brother is gay...not just a big fan.)?

  • If I didn't have plans tonight I'd have you all over for a Ashton stake-out.  I'll be home by 9 though...page me if you wanna hang out on Ashton watch!
  • HAHAAHAH i could just see us all with sleeping babies on our backs hunting donw ashton. LOL!!
  • no, no, no.  you have it all wrong.  You see, you leave your baby with his baby daddy and then go hunt your sugar daddy!  :o)
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