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2nd baby gift

... s/o my earlier post about my BFF who is expecting DS #2...

I am making her a full sized taggie blanket, but what else should I bring as a gift?  Being as they're both boys, she already has everything she needs ... should I bring a pack of new born diapers?  A BRU GC (they have a small BRU attched to their TRU in Tyler)?

Advice from moms with multiple kiddos? 

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Re: 2nd baby gift

  • I don't have 2 kids, but one of my coworkers had a diaper shower for her second child. She said it was the best thing ever.
  • I would have loved a gift card. There was so much I didn't know I was going to need. Especially clothes since Ainsley needed preemies and everyone said not to buy newborn.
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  • I know she is just expecting boy #2, but will the second be born during the same season? If not, she may want/need some clothes. Or if they are not far apart, it is sometimes cute to get matching outfits. I love taking pictures of the boys together in the same clothes.

    The greatest gifts I received were gift cards. That way she can get exactly what she wants.

    You can't go wrong with diapers and wipes either.

    Oh, or personalizing the taggie blanket with his name would be awesome! With Caleb, I recieved a ton of personalized things, and NONE with Colten.


  • I have two boys, but they were born in two different season (summer and winter), so I definitely needed clothes.  Even if I didn't need them, I still wouldn't have minded having some new ones for my baby.  Diapers, wipes and gift cards were great gifts too.
  • Thanks ladies ... the boys will be born in the same season, so clothes won't be an issue, but the idea of a matching outfit is a good one !  I think I'll take some diapers, wipes and a GC.  Oh, and dinner  :)
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  • BoizmomBoizmom member

    I know that I loved that I was given gift cards after my second son was born.  I was expecting anything, but friends and family came to the hospital to visit and most brought gift cards.  That allowed me to get what ever else we needed.  I also liked getting diapers too though.  You can never go wrong with diapers. 

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