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Jenny, I just read your post below about Abby not wanting to sit up. You know what I loved with Sophia (you may have tried this) was sitting her up inside the boppy pillow on the floor. That is how we practiced. She was kind of propped up but also practicing her own strength - but if she tried to topple over she just leaned onto the side of the pillow instead of falling onto the floor.

Our phrase at this period was, "Tiiiimber!" LOL.

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  • Nadia is also not sitting, so I guess we are okay since Abby and her are the same age! LOL! She's getting better and will last a few seconds before tipping, but it seems to me like sitting up isn't that exciting for her. She loves to be on her tummy and when she starts tipping she turns her body so she's back on her stomach. LOL! She also loves when I hold her up so she can stand. I think they'll get it in a few weeks.
  • Positioning Spencer in the Boppy worked/works for us as well. 

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  • I know Alejandro can't sit on his own- but I recline him on the boppy too. He will stay there just sucking on his hands having a grand old time. I guess we are "practicing"
  • Abby is identical to nadia!!  If I try to sit her up, she bends her knees and pushes up so she's standing.  I put her in the boppy and she sits fine, but she will dig her heels into the ground, like she's trying to stand or something, and pushes back so she winds up falling backwards.  I will sit her up on the couch and she knows how to lift her butt up and scooch down so she's on her back and then flips to her belly.  Like trying to get her to actually bend her body is impossible lol
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