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Are you going to have a set cost for everyone like the Melting Pot, or how does that all work.  Also, it looks a little nicer than jeans attire, am i correct?

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  • I'm providing free appetizers (all of our regular appetizers plus a few experimental ones)  I'll have plenty set out buffet style.  I'll also offer our signature salad for free for anyone who wants it. 

    Each person will be charged for drinks upon consumption. I know you don't drink - we have non-alcoholic beer, bottled water, ice-tea and sodas available.  Our "normal" drinks will be available at regular prices, but I'm also creating a specialty martini list just for you guys for $5 martinis (that doesn't mean they're weak or smaller - it means our "well" liquors are used - but they'll be "flavorful" so it'd be a waste anyway to use a high end vodka etc. - PS the blue snow cone is my favorite!!!) as well as a couple of wines for $6 per glass.

    Drinks and gratuity is all you're expected to pay.

    Attire is business casual......  Whatever you're comfortable in is fine by me.

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