Spill it, Silliestbunny!

What were you on Dr. Phil for???

Re: Spill it, Silliestbunny!

  • yeah I'm still waiting to hear!
  • Huh? what did I miss  ?
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  • Yes, Spill it!
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  • hahaah.......I could come up w/a doozy of a story.

    Instead, it's a sweet story related to my work.  I work with bone marrow transplant patients and volunteer bone marrow donors.  I helped organize a donor and patient to meet each other.  I was the "expert" on the panel who discussed the need for donors, the process, the outcomes, etc.  It was a bit surreal...and scary.  People said I did well, but anyone who knew me could tell my voice had nervousness in it!  

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  • WOW you SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!  great job great cause!!!
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