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Wow--hormonal overload

4 days out and I can't stop crying today...well I stopped but it is really easy to start. Whew! Oh, and I am swollen beyond belief but I love my little peanut!!! She is absolutely precious!
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Re: Wow--hormonal overload

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    Oh the lovely hormone rollercoaster! Hopefully they level out for you soon:)

    The swelling can take up to 2 weeks to go down, but it will go down!!

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    Oh, I know. Right after she was born, I used to go in the bathroom and cry into my towel so no one could hear me. And I cried if I even thought about anything other than what was on TV or what DD was doing that moment. It's such a hormonal rush. The swelling will be gone in the next day or two. Have fun with your little one!
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    That is the one thing I wish I had been warned about when DD was born.  I thought I was completely losing it.  It does go away in about two weeks.  I sympathize with you.  It is not fun at all.  Enjoy that precious baby girl!
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