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Sorry, but you are the first person I thought to ask!

I refianced my house with Countrywide and set up an online account so that CW would automatically take out my house payment from my BOA checking account.

Now that BOA owns CW, will my mortgage get paid or do I need to do something different?

TIA and feel free to tell me to call BOA :)


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  • Well, I haven't worked for BOA since Oct ... and at that point CW was techinically owned by BOA, but they hadn't joined forces internally - so, if this were Oct I would say 'no' ... but IDK whats happened since then, so I would call BOA customer service and just see if they've merged all the billing and software so that can be done  :)
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  • Thanks!

    I was trying desperately to avoid another phone call. I was on the phone forever with BCBS this morning and so I thought.....ask Totty!

    I'll go through the proper channels ;P

  • In the banking center we are still not on the same system. So I have no idea. I'd say call.
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