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Pyelectasis at Level II u/s

Did anyone have any experience with pyelectasis showing up at their 20 wk u/s? I'm having a little girl and although the doctor didn't seem too concerned, I'm reading a lot about the connection to NT scan/screenings were all normal, but now I'm a little worried. Anyone have any insight? TIA.

Re: Pyelectasis at Level II u/s

  • My DD had this at 20 wk us and I was so worried. It resolved by the 34 wk US and I was told that it usually does. She has no chromosomal issues at all. She does have ureteral reflux which makes her more prone to UTIs and she's (supposed to be ) on daily antibiotics. The pedi urologist says it is not related to the pyelectasis-but it seems awfully coincidental.

    Good luck!

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