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Poll: Are you a judgemental parent?


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    I try not to be judgemental as long as it's not a safety or disipline issue.  We talk about that in my mother's circle often.

     I dislike kids running wild too!  It's not fair to other people to be subjected to some kid tearing up the place.

    Different parenting styles I try to be okay with. 

    CIO for instance.  I'm not a fan of it.  We have a No Cry Sleep Solution method by Elizabeth Pantley that is recommended by Dr Sears. That works for us.  But I don't judge another family for doing CIO as long as they do the method in the manner the experts recommend.  It's when people try to do it without knowing HOW to do it properly that burns my butt.

    That's a touchy subject! 

    I may roll my eyes at someone letting their 5 yo drink out of a bottle (my SIL for example) and just chalk it up to different folks, different strokes.

     I take Andrew out without socks a lot now in summer.  It does depend on where it is and if he's going to be on the floor.  I sometimes think people (like my friend Gena LMAO!) probably do judge me but I'm not too worried. ;)    It will be different when he's learning to walk and will have his feet on dirty surfaces.  But right now I'm tired of trying to keep track of socks all the time.


     There is one thing that I do feel very strongly about it and that is my toddler still rides rear-facing and will be until the limits, He will ride in his Britax until the weight limit as long as I feel he is Safer that way....( see that falls under my Safe category). Do I judge parents that have their one year old forward -facing? NO....do I still think is safer to ride rearfacing?..YES. 




    And yes, yes, yes to this!  Extended rear facing is probably going to be state law one day.  As long as the child isn't exceeding the height or weight limits for the seat, it's a good idea to keep them rear facing even if it makes them seem like a baby. 


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