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Hi Ladies!!!

My husband and I are almost returning home to Miami after 3 long years through Law School at FSU. We are so excited to be supported and to support our family. Being away from Miami really has allowed us to appreciate and value the importance of family and the Unconditional love that these wonderful people render. We will be living with my Mom for 2 months while we look for work and get settled so I'm really going to have to keep in mind how much I appreciate her because she is the cutest but Fiestiest little 71 year old I know :). Please Please Please if you think of us cross your fingers or pray or meditate or do whatever you do to wish good things for others because we really need jobs and I know circumstances are not in our favor but I also know that our desire to be with our fam is more important and I have faith that we will be where it will be best to raise our new little Santi that is on the way. Btw I am also in the process of finishing out the school year which means packing 5 years of Elementary Teaching Materials and I have to pack up our Apartment all while being Nauseas atleast 15 hours of the day so Yes I need PRAYER!

Thank you Wonderful South FL. Mommas!

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