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OMG. That could have been me!

I was telling the ladies at my table at MNO that I felt like a giant douchebag driver because on the way there, in traffic, my Jeep started lurching forward when I was pressing the brake. ?It was totally freaking me out. ?I was inches from this guys bumper. Then I realize that my dumbasss is somehow pressing on both the gas and the brake at the same time because I'm not used to driving in heels!

So on Today they were just talking about this woman who blames a car accident she caused on her heels. ?And they are like, really? ?And I'm like, yeah, really!?

Re: OMG. That could have been me!

  • Allow me to add, of course, I have learned my lesson and will no longer be driving in heels. ?Not that that's a huge problem. ?I think I wear them about twice a year.
  • This totally made me LOL! I am pretty sure I have done this before!! I am glad that you figured it out & avoided an accident!
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  • You crack me up.
  • Nice! I remember (when I used to wear heels, lol) I would always have to take them off while driving because it just does not work.

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