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How many calories?

Hi! ?I've never posted on this board. ?I just got my BFP last Thursday! ?I went through the holiday weekend eating pretty much whatever I want but in reality, I can't be doing that through my entire pregnancy. ?I know I shouldn't even consider losing weight now that I'm pg but, I am a little overweight and, I can't really afford unnecessary weight gain during my pregnancy. ?Is anyone tracking calories via or anything else? ?If so, how much are you eating now? ?babyfit is telling me I should be eating btw 2100 and 2400 calories a day and at only 4 weeks pg, that just sounds completely too high! ?Any suggestions?
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Re: How many calories?

  • Congratulations on being pregnant! Don't do what I did and gain 8 lbs during your first tri, and I was already 10 lbs overweight! Now I have 18 lbs to lose before TTC again. After I lose the weight and am pregnant again, I've come up with a strategy I am going to use to keep me from overeating. I am going to carry around in my pocket a cashew nut in a plastic sandwhich bag to remind myself of how very small the baby is and how it's getting all it's nutrients from what my body has already stored, nothing from food I am eating right now! It should eliminate the whole, "I can eat what I want, I'm eating for two, and it's good for the growing baby" mentality that got me in trouble the first time! Find out your calorie needs to maintain your weight for your height and weight right now, and don't even mention you are pregnant on those calculators, or they'll add in 300 calories or so which you don't need until your second tri. Then, stay within that, exercise 3-4 times a week and you'll be fine! GL!

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  • Congrats on the BFP!

    Those calorie numbers suggest you are not trying to lose weight but maintain it. Therefore, you only need about 300 more calories/day than usual. So, consume your regular calorie amount and add a cup of oj or 16 oz of milk/day and that is enough. This is what my nutritionist told me and everything I have researched thus far, supports her suggestions.

    You may also want to break up your meals into smaller, more frequent portions. This will also help with the morning sickness.

    For example: 1 egg w/ toast for breakfast, fruit w/ cottage cheese mid morning, sandwich for lunch, salad or veggies (like carrots) late afternooon, a cereal bar on your way home from work and dinner with a small snack like fruit in the evening.

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  • well congrats first.  it was rec'd (stressed?) that I just eat 200 calories more a day.  That would have put me around 2000-2200 a day.  And if that damn bakery wasn't right beside my office, I may have done it too.  :)  I was 150 and 5'5'' if that matters to you.  Not really overweight according to BMI just over what I wanted to be.

    I can't recomend enough that you don't go overboard gaining the weight.  It is so much easier to just not gain it then to work it off after.  Small high protein snacks are your friend.

    good luck with everything!  Your Dr should be able to help you more when you get in to see them. 

  • I have read that you should not increase your calorie intake for the first trimester .For the second trimester you should increase it by 200 calories and 300 for the third semester... hope this helps.


  • Congrats!

    I read that you shouldn't increase calories in first tri

    You should increase calories by 200-300 second tri

    And you should increase calories by 500-600 third tri.

    Sometimes it's hard to stick to, like if you're like me, in my first tri, I felt nauseous all the time and the only way to make it better was to eat, so I put on 6 lbs in the first tri.  I would say the best thing to do it try to make healthy choices more than trying to stick with certain calories.

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