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AW PIP - my Tessie is ONE today! :D

One year ago today:



And today:


*sniff*  my big girl!  :D

Re: AW PIP - my Tessie is ONE today! :D

  • She is soo cute in her one year pic!! Happy Birthday, Tessa!!
    Me:37 DH: 40
    TTC #2
    High fsh/DOR
    Pregnant after 1 year of trying! Ended in m/c 2/4/11
    Cycle #1 with RE: Clomid 50mg =BFN
    Acupuncture & vitamins/DHEA started
    Cycle #2 Clomid 100mg April 2011= BFP!! missed m/c D&C done 5/25/11 at 7 weeks 3 days Cycling at RBA's frozen donor egg clinic. Start Lupron on June 18th. 7/25/12 Transferred 1 perfect Embryo, 3 frozen! 8/3/12 beta #1 146, 8/6 beta #2 526, 8/13 beta #3 9,108. 1st U/S on 8/21 showed our perfect little embryo split! We are having Identical Twins!!
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  • Happy Birthday T!

    She is adorable :)

  • Happy Birthday T!

    She's so cute

  • Happy Birthday Buglett!!!  We're all so proud of you!

    And Happy 'Becoming a Mommy Day' to you Creamy!!!  :D

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    The Mouse ~ 06.12.08 | The Froggy ~ 02.23.11

  • Happy Birthday to Tessa! Party!!!Cake
  • Happy Birthday, Tessa!!!
  • Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
  • Aw, Happy Birthday Tessa!


  • Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!!!!
    Taylor Kate 6.4.08

    Secondary IF: Age 40, Ovarian cysts, Stage 3 Endometriosis, lost right tube,

    remaining tube partially blocked. FSH 7.8 | AMH 1.02

    IVF #1 Antagonist cycle, ER: 13R, 9F, 1 frozen

    5dt on 11/1 of one beautiful, perfect blast with zero fragmentation

    Very cautious BFP!!
  • So cute, happy B-day T. I love all your butt shots by the way!
  • Happy Birthday Tessa!!!!!


  • So precious! Happy Birthday :)
  • Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!!
  • Aw, such a big girl! :)
  • awww love that smile! happy bday to her
  • Happy Birthday Tessie!!!    ANd happy becoming a mommy day to you!!
    DD#1 is such a big girl! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Lilypie Maternity tickers
  • Cute, cute!  I love that first pic!

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