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My son is the anti

Napper! OMG he will just cry and fuss until I give in and pick him up and let him play. He refuses to nap. I have tried putting him down sleepy/awake/asleep/just fed/fed a bit ago/everything I can think of. He fights it tooth and nail! He will seriously refuse to nap for over an hour.

He is great at bedtime, he has a jar of food, he has a bath, he plays, reads stories, nurses, and into bed awake. He goes to sleep within 5 minutes of being laid down. I have tried Ferber for naptime, nope didn't work. This has been going on for well over a month. I have tried the same routine for naps, minus the bath. It doesn't work. I think he knows its day time and time to play play play. He is killin me man!

My nephew did this too though, about 6 months he started refusing to nap. He is now 6 and will not nap. for the past 5 1/2 years he will not nap. I need my naptime! It allows me to clean, eat, shower, relax, breath lol. Dear naptime, I miss you come back!

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Re: My son is the anti

  • Naplessness sucks! I wish I had some kind of sage advice.
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