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Hypnobirth/Hypnobabies classes?

My cousin sent me her hypbirth set, and as hokey as I feel listening to it, if there's a chance it will work for me like it worked for her, I'm game.

Has anyone here tried it or know of an actual class locally? I didn't see any on the website, but I know there are several different variations.


Re: Hypnobirth/Hypnobabies classes?

  • Not sure about classes, but I do know my boss swears by it!  She had her baby in 2 hours without drugs and said it was amazing!
  • That's what I keep hearing!

    My cousin is a total hippy, and she had several hours of back labor, no meds and said she felt pressure but wasn't in pain a single minute of it.


  • my doula teaches Hypnobabies - kathyobrien.org
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