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NBR: Anyone do invisalign???

When I went to my dentist for my normal checkup last month they recommended I look into invisalign. They told me that they are able to do it for cheaper than if I were to go through a regular orthodontist since I'd be getting it from my dentist directly. They had to send a mold out of my teeth and I am a candidate for it. The lady at my dentist's office called me just now and told me that she's going to call my insurance (but I know they aren't going to cover it) but that if its not covered the fee is $4500. Does that sound right? I remember going to a dentist before we got married to look into some way to fix my teeth because my freaking wisdom teeth push my bottom teeth so bad that it ruined the great job I had the first time I had braces. That orthodontist quoted me around $1500 but for regular braces.

For those of you that have had invisalign or have known someone that used it, did it work???

Re: NBR: Anyone do invisalign???

  • Yeah thats crazy. I just quit working in a dental office because I wanted to stay home with Max, if I am correct, our fee for invisalign was $1500? It definitely was NOT $4500....they are ridiculously over charging you, seriously....dont do it. You could just get new teeth for $4500!!!!
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  • Hi Sam! This is just from my experience only but I would be wary of dentists offering orthodontia. My dentist pushed Invisalign as well when we noticed a tooth slightly out of alignment -- the cost quoted seemed high and so I went back to an orthodontist I had seen years ago. I can't remember what the Invisalign cost was (it was expensive though) but I ended up getting a system - can't remember the manufacturer - that is called the RED WHITE AND BLUE . It is basically the same thing and like 1/2 the cost of the Invisalign. Anyway, the ortho also pointed out some other shifts that were beginning to happen that the dentist didn't mention. I feel like there is a reason that orthos have addl schooling beyond dental school and if I am going to spend that kind of money, I want someone who specializes in that. A lot of orthos will give you a quote for free (mine did) so I would at least get a consultation with one before committing. Also, even if your insurance doesn't cover orthodontia, they may have better contracted rates with certain providers so look into that too.

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  • Not all dentists can do invisalign. Theres additional training required to be able to sell it. Either way, I would suggest a second opinion before following through with what your office is telling you. Thats ridiculously expensive.
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  • Thanks ladies I do plan on getting a 2nd opinion from an orthodontist. Shoot I might get a 3rd one for the hell of it to get someone that does invisalign and then one that does traditional braces so that I can make an informed decision. I'm not plunking down that kind of money without seeing an orthodontist.
  • we have a friend that is currently using it, and he really likes it.  he's been using it for about 3 mo, and has def. seen results.  I'm not sure the pricing, but I can recommend my dentist if you would like to price it out.  He's in the Gables.
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  • i'm like you sam...use to have beautiful teeth b/c of my braces and i slacked on the retainer so now i was looking into invisalign.  all the ppl i've spoken to about their results only rave about it but i just don't know the cost.  i'm planning to look more into it after the baby.  let me know how it goes.
  • TayLynnTayLynn member

    My DH had it done two years ago.  It worked great for him.  He had to have a tooth extracted and it was a complex case.

     I forget how many weeks it was, but it was the full treatment course like 36-40 weeks.  I just remember saying we could have a baby in that amount of time.  LOL  Our regular dentist did it for $4500, the bottom set only. 

    You have to wear a retainer afterwards at night.  Sometimes they don't tell you about that part.

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