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6 month stats & pics!

Took Elise to her 6 month appt. this morning... she weighs 15?lbs.?12 oz and is 25 1/2" long... she's now in the 50th percentile for both weight and height. (was 75th for both.) She took the shots like a champ; I swear it's harder for me and I don't even watch!!!! I make Matt hold her and I stand in the corner sucking my thumb.. lolz.. joking about the thumb, not about the corner.

We're also slowly introducing solids.... I gave her a few slices of avocado Monday and a few bites of banana yesterday. I think we're going to really "start" with sweet potato and try that for the next couple of days. We're totally skipping cereal, at least for now.

She's still not STTN but is down to only waking once. Right now she goes down at 6:30, wakes around 3am, and then again around 7am. She takes 2 naps, one at 10am and one at 2pm. I think I'm going to try and push her afternoon nap to around 3ish and maybe get her to bed a bit later... then maybe she'll STTN. Who knows with this child :)?

And Beth came by last week to do her 6 month pics- here they are!!!!




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Re: 6 month stats & pics!

  • She is super precious! I love all the pearl pictures.


    And wow... I thought she was a giant baby compared to Carter but apparently they have about evened out. He was 16lb 2 oz at his 6 month appointment. 

  • I saw the pics earlier today when I was checking Beth's blog. She looks so sweet!

    Looks like Kate and I have the chunksters Smile

    How is she liking solids so far? I'd just be a little careful with the bananas, tends to make babies a little plugged up. I just try to water them down a little bit more and Josh seems to do ok with them. So far he's liked (as far as I can tell) everything I've given him....peas, green beans, carrots, applesauce, peaches (makes for stinky diapers!). Are you making your own or buying?

  • those came out great!!  she has such a pretty smile.  :)
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  • She looks so grown up!
  • Awww, she is precious!  I cannot wait to get some pics taken with Beth this summer!
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