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Can anyone tell me how far in advance one needs to book a private room...and how much one goes for at NYP?  Thanks!

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  • I had a private room with my son at NYP a few years ago. You can not reserve these in advance. They are on a first come, first serve basis by order of birth time. In other words, if there is only one room open and someone has their baby 2 minutes before you and they also want a private room, you have to wait until another opens up. There are also suites, but I am not sure how that works. If you take a tour they give you all the information. I recall that the room was either $600 or $900 a night! It was very expensive, but I would recommend it. I shared a room for the first night and it was not pleasant. I remember that the suites were $1200 a night. Hope that helps.
  • Thank you!  Yes that def helps.  Luckily money isn't an object, so a suite sounds perfect and ill ask about it next time i see my doctor.  I definitely don't want to be in another room with someone else during that magical period! 
  • Just had one at Mt. SInai. $750 per night overlooking the park.  First come first serve, but suggest sending your husband up as soon as you are in recovery to make sure you get one.

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