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Clicky Poll: TMI re: post-childbirth effects on your body

Ever since I gave birth, I can't generally tell when I have to poop. I go to the bathroom to pee, and it just starts coming out.

If I feel like I have to poop, well, usually that means it's already on its way out.

I should note that my BMs are otherwise normal. No constipation, no diarrhea. Just normal.

When I gave birth, I had a 2nd degree tear, plus a cosmetic tear all the way to the anus, which had to be repaired.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out if this is normal, or if it should be better by now. I mean, I think it's weird that I can't feel that I have to poop, you know? I mean, it's been over seven months now.



Re: Clicky Poll: TMI re: post-childbirth effects on your body

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    I have never heard of that, I would call your PCP
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    You may have some nerve damage from the tear.  I would see the doc and talk with some other women's health specialists.  Physical Therapists can help this area of the body believe it or not.  Good Sam has an up and coming women's health program that deals with all sorts of pelvic floor issues (have you heard the radio commercials?)  There are also several Physical Therapists that work in private clinics that could evaluate you for this.  If you need any recs feel free to page me.  It's not normal, but you'd be surprised how many women have issues like this and never speak up because they are embarrassed.  Good for you!  And don't let the doc brush it off.  Demand a script for PT or get a second opinion!!!
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    I'd call your OB or PCP.
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    I definitely don't think that's normal.  Even though it was a tad uncomfortable to have a BM the first couple of times, I could still feel that I needed to go after having my girls.  Call your doc!
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    I had a third degree tear and haven't had this problem. PP's thoughts on nerve damage would make sense. GL getting it figured out!
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    Something is wrong.... may or may not be anything that can be fixed... but your OB would be the one to help more with this "area" than your PCP...

    My mom had a similar issues after the birth of her last child about 10 years ago (although it was a bit more severe I think...) and ended up needing a repair surgery to correct the damage done from the birth.

    Hope everything gets worked out for you..


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    That is definitely worth a call to your OB.  It sounds like residual problems from the baby pushing on your pelvic nerves during pregnancy.  They really get stretched and pinched during delivery, and sometimes it takes awhile for them to go back to normal so you will have normal sensation again.  I agree with the other posts that you should go in and have the OB assess it.  Wishing you luck.  Let us know how it goes.
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