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Anyone try Alli?

Just wondering if any of you ladies have tried this to lose weight and what you thought about it.....I'm considering giving it a shot.

Re: Anyone try Alli?

  • i don't know what that is
  • jshfjshf member

    My DH is a pharmacist and he tells me that most of his customers have not been very successful with it. ?You have to be committed to diet and exercise so if you're not, it's not going to be helpful. ?Plus if you eat too much fat, you can get horrible gas, diahrea. ?

    I've been on a million diets and really the only one that worked and was healthy was the South Beach Diet. ?It really focuses on eating plenty of veggies and lean protein. ?I felt full and I lost weight. ?The only thing is you have to be pretty diligent about preparing foods ahead of time. ?Some of my friends have gone on Weight Watchers and liked it. ?I couldn't keep track of points and all of that. ?But I didn't need to with the South Beach Diet. ?It was something that I could do indefinitely. ?Even being pregnant, I still follow the diet and am gaining some weight but very appropriately.

    ?I think ultimately you need to find something that works for you and that you can do for life. ?Short term diets rarely work. ?Best of luck! ?

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  • I was on it faithfully, and really didn't see too many results. My problem lies with carbohydrates, and so I did South Beach. I agree with jshf, it really is easy and it works (for me at least!). It's worth a try though, if you think it could help you. I was told Alli isn't good for people who only need to lose 10-15 pounds (not sure how much you are trying to lose) but once again, I think in 6 months on Alli I only lost about 10 pounds, and in 6 months on South Beach I lost 30. Good luck!!
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  • i have tried it and hated it!!! u get horrible gas and when u do fart (sorry ladies) greasy nastiness comes out with it..i stained a fav pair of undies with that. and when u have a bm there was a layer of nasty orange grease in top of the water..can u say gross?

    sorry for all the details but no one told me and i would of liked to known..good luck

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  • I took it religiously and saw no results. I felt like I was taking sugar pills.....

    I would not recommend...

  • I saw results (I think I lost 10 pounds in 3-4 weeks), but be careful.  If you eat too much fat on any given day, you get bad diarrhea and gas.  Luckily that only happened to me once, and it was on a weekend.  I can't imagine what I would have done if I was at work.  Ick.
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  • My friend shat her pants after taking it. I think I'll be avoiding it, thanks.
  • I actually tried it before it was available OTC.  It works, but forces you to be VERY dilligent with your diet.  Basically, it releases excess fat into your stool.  Therefore, if you are following a low fat diet already, the fat that would be released in your stool will be minor, prevent that fat from being absorbed, and allow you to lose weight faster.  However, if you eat anything that is higher in fat than the recommended dosage you will have big problems.

    I have a gross story.  I took the pill and was eating "regular" meaning I wasn't pigging out, but I wasn't eating a strict low fat diet.  The next day when I was driving to work I had gas really bad.  When I got to work I went to the ladies room and realized that I had no been releasing gas but OIL/FAT!!  I had oil in my pants.  Luckily I was wearing a suit with a longer jacket and lining in the pants so it did not show and I was able to leave work "sick"  I never touched the stuff again for fear that if I slipped up again I would have oil butt. 

  • I tried it and lost a few pounds, but the side effects not to mention the cost are not worth it. 
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