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McDonalds chicken nuggets!!

I never used to eat them. Now that's all I want! DH went out to get me sweet. Did you ever not really like something, but now you love it?

Re: McDonalds chicken nuggets!!

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    Yes, McDonalds chicken nuggets. :)

    Before I was pregnant, I hadn't eaten a meal from McDonalds in seriously probably years. Now I've had chicken nuggets on two different occasions, and they were delicious!!! I'm sure I'll indulge a few more times before this baby comes, too.


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  • I love them too and I never ate them before pg...weird! McDonalds is pg crack.
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  • I eat McDonald's more than I am willing to admit, but some days it is the only thing that sounds good!

    Also, I use to hate bake goods with dried I LOVE them! If it is sweet and has coconut I almost inhale it! 

  • Yes--orange juice!! Not that I didn't like OJ before I just never drank it. I was very much a water/milk/soda drinker. I now drink a glass or 2 of OJ every day. I can't get enough of it! Those chicken nuggets sound amazing right now though...
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  • I adore McDonalds!  We go once a week for lunch.  I usually get the girls chicken nuggest and apple dunkers and me a 2 cheeseburger meal.  Then I trade them the extra burger to split between them and take some nuggets. I love the hot mustard dipping sauce.  Yum!
  • Last week I had an Egg McMuffin twice for breakfast. It was the only thing that sounded good. The only time I go to McDonald's is when I'm pregnant. Oh, and I was it down with the orange Hi-C with tons of ice.?
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  • Funny, McD's chicken nuggets are about the only thing that I HAVEN'T been able to eat this entire pregnancy! Now, their Southern Style Chicken sandwich... that's a whole other story. All through 3rd tri I've been wanting one and I probably have about 2 a week!
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