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Locations for 1st Birthday Party

Sophia's BDAY is in August. I am going to do a party and was originally thinking of doing it at our place. Now I am starting to think I may want to do it some place else to avoid all the setup etc. Any ideas on where? No parks. My family is not really outdoorsy. :)

Re: Locations for 1st Birthday Party

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    Our friends had their daughter's 1st bday at Deweys in Montgomery (Harpers Point).  There is a room there you can rent.  It was nice because they didn't have to do any food setup/clean up, everyone loves Deweys, and there was plenty of seating.  They had a big buffet of different types of pizzas, salads, and the Dewey's staff got everyones drinks as needed.
    Mason Louise
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    Thanks! That sounds great.
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