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reprogram your radio stations...again

I guess the Sound is no  But I am excited about "Rewind 94.9"...ALL 80s!!  Can you say dance party??!!  Got this in an email last night:

  • WUBE and WKRQ remain unchanged
  • 97.3 (formerly WSWD, The Sound) returns to WYGY, 97.3 "The Wolf"
  • 94.9 (formerly WYGY, The Wolf) becomes  "Rewind 94.9"
  • The Sound can now be heard on HD radio and is being streamed
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Re: reprogram your radio stations...again

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    I know it is nuts they keep changing the stations. I am bummed that the sound/chanel z is no longer available on regular radio. I didn't realize they changed the country station back to 97.3. I do like the rewind station though. I was jamming to some Billie Jean on my way in to work.    
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    I tuned my radio at work to 94.9 Rewind and am liking the music!!  :)
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    Boo! Don't we have enough country as it is? WTF am I going to listen to now?
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    I guess I can rock out to some 80's; but I could always depend on the Sound for some decent radio.  Everything else is basically just the same crap on a short loop... Sad

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    well I guess I'm not going to win the hotest hottie at P&G contest--ha ha just kidding.  I will miss that station though--how many times can you hear that Beyonce Halo song before you go crazy

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    wow this REALLY ticks me off. The sound is the main station I listen too...ugh. Does this mean I get a new car so I can have an HD radio?
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    My husband's exact words on our way to work this morning "Is this The Sound?  I don't think they would play this cheesy 80's song.  I wonder if they moved...again."

     I just sent him the update, he is going to be sad.  He loves The Sound.

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    Boo! Don't we have enough country as it is? WTF am I going to listen to now?

    This is pretty much the exact thing DH said to me yesterday.  I don't know why they keep taking that station away--it seems to have a pretty big following.

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