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Please help an LA girl out!! !

Hi Boston Ladies!

My DH's work is moving us to Boston for the summer. We will either be in Boston or in the Essex area. I am a SAHM with a one year old (in one week!!) and love my mommy groups out here. Any advice on mommy groups out there? Also, we will need to either rent a crib and high chair or buy them cheap off Craig's list or something since we only need it for a couple of months, any ideas on that?

Thanks for your help! See you in June!


Re: Please help an LA girl out!! !

  • Check out You can find mom groups through that site depending on where you settle.
  • You might also want to check out Isis Maternity.  They have child development classes for little ones and moms.  I think you'd need to pay for these courses, but it might be a great way to find out about other groups.  They may also have a listing of local mom's groups.  You could also try your local library.  I know mine (in Watertown) has story times and such that might be a good opportunity to meet other moms.

    Good luck!

  • Good Luck.  My husband works in CA half the month so I've been out there alot.  Give me an email and I can help you out with advice, tips, etc.

    [email protected]

    Moving across country is tough. 

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