Twin Hearts (a poem)

My mom sent me a card today with this poem on it and I thought I'd share...

Twin Hearts

By Teri Harrison


Awed to be expecting twins,

A mother?s journey now begins.

Blessed with heaven?s gift of two,

I fell in love with both of you.


As days passed and months moved on,

I prayed for two, born safe and strong.


Thrilled by the promise of the joys-to-be,

Like two voices joined in ABC?s.

Shared sweet kisses on cheeks and lips,

Two toddlers riding atop two hips.


I promise to see you each as one,

Two connected, yet free lives begun.

Both loved completely, for all they are,

Following their own bright star.


I promise to encourage your treasured bond,

From babies to children and beyond.

Partners, soul mates and best friends,

The love of each you will depend.


At last I stroked each tiny face,

I felt my heart was touched by grace.

My hands now full?as most will say,

My life never richer than today.


Awed to hold my little ones,

Our lives together have begun.

Blessed with heaven?s gift of two,

I will forever love the both of you.

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