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When did she learn to clean??

Seriously, Katie just took a paper towel that was on the floor and just threw it away in the trash.

Joe and I looked at each other thinking the same thing- where did she learn that?

I then called my mom and she said, "Oh- Katie and I clean everyday. She helps mop the floor, throw away dirty towels, and take the clothes out of the dryer. "

At least my mom is teaching her to be domestic. We were shocked!

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Re: When did she learn to clean??

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    I am laughing right now at the shock and amazement that was probably on your faces as she did it! ?LOL, awesome though of your Mom to teach her :)
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    LOL!  That is sooo funny :-)  DS loves to help Daddy clean too.  Bad thing is, he now thinks lots of things need to go into the trash can, LOL!  Watch your trash can!  Good job Katie!!
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    Allison loves to clean, too.  Watch your mail.  Allison thinks all mail is junk mail and needs to go to the trash immediately.
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    hahaha, and she probably thinks cleaning is fun.  I would totally capitalize on that!
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    Eli loves to throw things in the trash too.  For several months we would have anything and everything E could get his hands on stuck in the trash can.  So I second the pp about watching your trash can very closely for a while.  :)


    When she gets done cleaning your house, would you like to bring her over to clean mine?  LOL

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