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So I have my c section scheduled for Friday & I'm still freaking out about it. I know about 75% of people tell me it's no big deal but seriously the other 25% are freaking me out! ?My boss esp was telling me that with hers they strapped her arms down, mainly b/c she was shivering so much from the epi & then she told me that they actually knocked her out after she saw her kids b/c she was shivering so bad they couldn't stitch her up! ?Has this happened to anyone else? ?I also want to know real time recovery from people, I'm terrified that I'm going to spend 6 of my 8 weeks of maternity leave in pain! ?I also really would love to go vaginally next time (I did with our first) but am now terrified that the scar will rip open (as I have read online, I know big mistake).


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    I had an emergency c-section with Ryleigh, I do remember a little shivering after delivery, but nothing serious, it was just kind of like the cold chills.  I honestly had a great recovery...I was out at my friend's daughter's birthday party 2 weeks PP.  I also ventured out to Babies R Us around 1 week PP.  I know that I was very lucky and have heard some horror stories, but I had no issues at all
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    I feel pretty lucky that my recovery was great. I was up and walking around the day after.  I couldn't move very well or fast but I could manage to get around.  I was off pain meds five days after.  But that is just me so I definitely encourage you to take the pain meds BEFORE the pain gets intolerable.  I would think that 6 - 8 weeks of pain is not the norm and that you should call your Doctor if you are still in pain after two weeks.

    I was shivering A LOT during the procedure.  It freaked me out...I literally thought I was going to chomp my tongue off or something.  But it wasn't an issue according to my Dr. and the anesthesiologist.  I got pretty nauseous from something they gave me (you probably don't want to hear this but I ended up getting sick on the table Ick! ) so they gave me anti-nausea meds which starting working right away.  That was the worst of it for me.

    As far as the scar goes, I don't know why it would rip if you ended up going vaginally next time.  I would be more worried it would rip when my belly popped while preggo!  Seriously though, I don't think that is an issue.

    Try not to worry, it will be OK.  I always try to tell myself I'm not the first woman who has gone through this and I won't be the last!

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    Yikes! ?I am feeling your anxiety through the computer! ?I was NOT in pain for weeks and weeks afterward. ?I was tender for about 2 weeks. ?After that, it was only when I was overdoing things that I would get twangs of pain. ?All in all, the recovery was not bad at all.

    ?My arms were strapped down but honestly I didn't notice. ?I was absolutely furious that I ended up in a C-section and was just concentrating on deep breathing and getting a hold of my temper and disappointment so the arm thing went completely unnoticed. ?In fact, many women whose wrists are restrained don't notice because they typically undo one so you can touch your baby when they bring him/her over. Your wrists are restrained so that you don't touch any of the sterile surgical area. ?It was really no big deal.?

    As for the shivering, that happened to me when they gave me the epi for vaginal delivery. It's a potential side effect of an epidural whether you are getting it for vaginal or c/s. It only happened for the first epi they gave me. ?I didn't have any trouble with the epi they did for the c/s.

    Good luck; it's really not as bad as all that.?

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    I had a c-section. I was shivering but not from the epi. I was cold because they keep the OR really cold. But I wasn't shivering too bad. They did not strap me down. The c-section was easy and I will definitely do it again if I have another child. I was waking around my neighborhood after 5 days. However, I was walking very, very slow. I strongly encourage you to try and walk around as soon as you can to help you recover quickly. After 6 weeks pp, I was allowed to start exercising. Crunches did not hurt at all; however, jumping jacks did feel a little sore. You will do great! Don't let those 25% freak you out.


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    My situation will be different, but hopefully it helps. I had an emergancy c-section. They did strap my arms down, but I think that is pretty common. Not sure since I delivered at Good Sam.

    After I delivered, I did shiver pretty bad. However, I wasn't able to be with Katie. I was in the recovery room alone with my mom. My arms were shaking, but it wasn't bothersome. It would be bothersome if I was trying to hold my child though. I think it only lasted while I was in the recovery room. I didn't start to shiver until after I delivered.

    As far as recovery, I was driving my car at a week and a half only becuase I had no other way to get to the NICU unless I drove myself. Get out of bed when they tell you and walk as much as possible. Don't go out and walk a mile, but move positions. I went from laying in bed, to sitting in chairs, etc.  I did walk like a hunchback for a week, but it slowly got better. I was probably back to myelf after a few weeks. I really don't remember the pain, but just the soreness.

    I was off of the bad pain meds before I left the hospital. Only took tylenol every so often. Good luck!!

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    Please do not freak yourself out!:) I freaked myself out and it was so not necessary. In most cases c-sections are not a big deal. With mine, they did strap my arms down and I was so worried about this beforehand that I asked my pedi not to do it and he said if it makes me too nervous they can do it without. But really, they do it so that your arms are out like a T and not tight or anything so I really didn't pay much attention while it was happening.

    I don't really remember shivering. I do remember feeling nauseous, but your anesthesiolgist (sp?) is right there and you can just tell her/him and they can give you medicine in your IV. My recovery wasn't the best, but I wasn't in pain too long, maybe a week.

    GL! Everything will be fine. I wouldn't start worrying about next time yet. Plenty of women have vbacs, but it depends on what your ob recommends, so just wait until then to worry:)

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    No more Googling, ok?  It will be just fine.  I had a vaginal birth and an emergency c section.  My recovery was much easier with the c section.  I did shiver toward the end of the section, after DD was out, and it was a bizarre feeling.  I also puked on the table, but I puked most of my pregnancy, so no surprises there.  My arms were not strapped down, and you can ask them to not strap yours down.  You just have to remember that there is a sterile field above you.  No reaching in to help the doc!   You will feel pushing and pulling, but no pain at all.  It is actually surreal.  I found a mirror on the OR light above my head and was able to watch my procedure...and DD being born! 

    They WILL be able to stitch you up and will most likely do so while you are awake.  The spinal (or epidural) will be such a dense anesthetic that you will not be able to move your lower body at all.  Usually, they do not even know you are shivering on the other side of the drape.  I have very very rarely ever had a need to put someone to sleep for a c/s after the spinal is working.  You will be so busy watching the activity around you and listening to DC's noises that you won't care.  The spinal wears off in about 2ish hours after the procedure. 

    My pain was not bad after the c/s.  I was up and about the next day and walked all the time.  (walk soon and often is my best advice) I took the pain meds and the gas pills every 6 hours around the clock and felt pretty good when I got home.  Your body tells you when you are overdoing it, and you just need to rest when you can.  I was back to normal in about 2 weeks, with just slight tenderness at the incision line for around 4 weeks.  HTH and I wish you the best for a happy birth experience.

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    Having been through it I would now say that C-sections are no big deal in the grand scheme of things although I didn't feel that way before hand.  I feel that way now even though I had some minor complications.  I needed an extra large incision b/c DD had broad shoulders.  I also had a lot of nausea and sweating for 24 hours after delivery.  The drugs were really hard on me and I was out of it for the first day and night.  I don't mean to trivialize the whole thing but when I think about it now I say "so what?"  I felt bad at the time but it passed and I had a healthy baby in the end. 

    I agree with the pp that you need to take your pain meds as scheduled and don't try to tough it out.  I took them for about 12 days (less and less as the days went by).  I was able to go on a full day outing to the inlaws at the end of the first week and move around comfortably but slowly after 2 week.

    I'd also like to offer that the 25% with horror stories may be an inflated number.  A lot of those ladies probably had unplanned CS and may have been unprepared as to what to expect as well as upset that they had to resort to that option.  That could definitely give someone a tainted perspective about how bad things really were.  The fact that you're preparing ahead of time will help you have realistic expectations once you get there.  You can do it!

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    one other thing I wanted to add-- my husband was not with me when I got the epidural and got on the table (including the part where they secure your hands).  This was surprising to me and a little scary so I wanted to let you know.  The nurse was really great and helped me through the whole thing so you definitely won't be alone.  You can also ask them any question you want.  I found it to be all very business-like and calm on the part of the doctors and nurses (this isn't their first time you know!) and that was comforting.
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