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Don't like vegetables--help!

Ok, yes, I know, I'm a big baby, but I never really learned to like vegetables. I could blame the parents for trying to force-feed them to me during my formative years, but the truth is that I just do not like the taste of them at all and once I was on my own, I just stopped eating them altogether--like, for years! Sure, I like the starchy ones, and I will eat Cesar salad, but that's about it. I've bought the "sneaky chef" cookbooks and made some things which were alright. Will I have a "healthy enough" pregnancy with only green beans, pork-n-beans, Cesar salad and tomato sauce on pasta? Fruit is only slightly better, but because my blood sugar is high I was told not to be too concerned with trying to eat fruit. Any ideas for veggies?

Re: Don't like vegetables--help!

  • V8 Splash and V8 Fusion juices. They each contain veggie servings, but taste like fruit juice.

    Try masking some of the inherent "veggie" taste with dips, hummus, etc. Carrots with hummus, or ranch, are a great snack. Just try not to go overboard if you chose a creamy dip. Fresh corn on the cob made in teh microwave is really tasty, and super easy (and cheap). Spinach or broccoli mixed into mac&cheese is good. Grilled asparagus with EVOO and S&P is divine.?

    Never, ever underestimate the power of seasonings. Even just a little salt and pepper can make a world of difference in the taste of a vegetable. The same goes for the way it's cooked. Try grilling veggies instead of boiling them, or saute them in some butter. And don't assume because it's a vegetable it will be disgusting, you'll only be setting yourself up for failure.

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  • Before I lived on my own, I hated veggies and wanted nothing to do with them.  It really has improved my diet to learn to cook for myself and not be afraid to try new ways to cook something I've had before and didn't love. 

    My Dad used to refuse to eat ANYTHING green, but he's learning the same lesson I did.  Finding a good way to COOK something can make all the difference... and now that I know I LIKE someof those veggies, I will eat them more often when they aren't cooked "my" way.  Here are some of my favorites...

    Moroccan Stewed Chicken (chicken, tomatoes, garbanzo beans and zucchini)- this is a recipe from Men's Health- they have TONS of great recipes you should try!

    6 bean casserole (pork & beans, kidney beans, green beans, wax beans, butter beans, and chili beans with celery and sausage)

    zucchini and yellow squash (usually with a sweet onion) cooked in a little butter, covered, in the oven to soften (Everyone that ever said the didn't like squash hasn't complained about this!)

    chicken and spinach enchiladas

    chicken pot pie (with green beans, lima beans, green peas, and carrots)- Since I've been pregnant I want the veggies more than the chicken, so I cut the chicken in half and double the veggies!

    For asparagus- DH likes his steamed, but I like mine thrown in the oven at 400* with olive oil, salt and pepper for 10 minutes.  Our steamer has been WONDERFUL... one of our friends that dislikes veggies finished off our fresh steamed broccoli the last time he was at our house (and the steak and mushrooms and twice baked potatoes I also made). 

    Try to pair a veggie you're not sure about with a meat and starch you know you love. 

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  • Seasoning is key when making veggies. Try different cooking methods and different seasonings until you find something you like. My husband hates veggies as well and yesterday a friend grilled corn on the cob and my husband loved it. I put butter on there which I'm sure it isn't the healthiest thing to do but at least now he is more open to try it.
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  • Try new ways of cooking them. I have always hated most veggies, but now that I've learned not to cook them into mush like my Mom did they taste way better! Steamed Broccoli with butter and parmesan is so yummi! I could now live on roasted asparagus and I never in a million years thought I'd say that. I used to think it was the most disgusting thing in the world! Just a suggestion, otherwise  try to gag down what you can and when doing that stick to superfoods like spinach, broccoli etc. Try drinking Odwalla Superfood and doing shots of wheatgrass, the superfood tastes amazingly good though it looks gross and the wheatgrass tastes like you ate grass, but if you drink something quickly afterword (a chaser) the taste goes away immediately. Good Luck!
  • I will echo most of the thoughts already posted by saying that the way you prepare vegetables makes all the difference. ?Yes, there will be some that no matter what, you won't like as much as others, but it's important to give them a chance.?

    If nothing seems to be working for you, the best way to sneak vegetables in is to make soups and sauces with minced or pureed vegetables. You can put grated carrots in your tomato sauce (it helps absorb acidity too). ?If you hate broccoli try making a cream soup out of it and pureeing it so you don't actually have to see/chew the broccoli. ?You can do this with butternut squash and leeks too.

    ?It's important that you learn how to make veggies tasty now, so when your little one arrives they will learn to like veggies and maybe won't have your veggie-phobia when they grow up. :)?

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    You might look at some recipes to get ideas of what sounds good to you.  I love ethnic food and can find a lot of Indian and Mexican dishes that are vegetarian and delicious!  They use so many spices and sauces that basically anything tastes good.

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  • V8 is something you can just chug or water down with ice to get past the taste if you don't like it. Also, my tastes changed with pregnancy and I started craving veggies and hummus. Go figure. Listen to your body, and be open to trying new food. And yay for prenatals.
  • I don't like veggies either - and V8 fusion is awesome, but it's really high in sodium, so you might need to watch that.  I try to drink the "light" version - it seems to be a little better.
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  • My husband used to hate veggies and I was determined to change this. I figured out that one reason he was a picky eater was that his step mom was a horrible cook and also she used canned veggies (which I can't stand ether).


    I started off with bell peppers and he LOVES them! Stir Frys were the best way to get him to eat veggies. I used fresh veggie like carrots, mushroom, celery, etc... with some chicken. You can use honey or sweet chili sauce or what have you with fresh garlic and giner. Experinent!

     I also figured out that he loves spinich leaves as a salad! 


    Homemade tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes worked aswell. 

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