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Let's AW Ourselves - Your Biggest Achievement

"Talking" to Jscaggs, last night, about her recent graduation got me thinking (yeah, for whatever reason, I'm doing a lot of that lately - LOL) about the rest of you ladies and all of the [undeclared] achievements that we probably don't know about each other - running a marathon, winning an award, starting a business, whatever it might be...  We, for very good reason, spend a lot of time discussing the accomplishments of our DC; however, we very rarely discuss our own personal milestones in life (outside of being mothers, of course).

In light of that, today's question is this ("Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic" Smile ):

Aside from being a loving wife and mother, what are a few of the personal accomplishments, throughout your life, that you are most pround of?

Re: Let's AW Ourselves - Your Biggest Achievement

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    I'll AW myself!  I'm very proud of where DH and I have gotten ourselves for our age compared to a lot of our friends.  We're 25, both educated and working in the fields we went to school for.  We bought our first house at 22, and our second at 24.  We've worked hard and have the things and money in savings to show for it.  Most of our close friends are still too interested in partying....I'm just proud of where we've gotten ourselves!  Thats all I can think of right now!
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    I am proud that I am a self sufficient educated woman. I can take care of myself, but I choose to share my life with a great man.
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    1. graduating from college, summa *** laude

    2. coaching a 14U Junior Olympic volleyball team to a National Championship title

    3. taking a leap of faith, leaving my 1st career as a teacher, and finding something that was a better [personal] fit for me - which, incidentally, allowed me to become a corporate trainer and travel to India / What an EXPERIENCE! 

    C'mon, ladies - I want to hear from you! Smile

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    JLPT830JLPT830 member
    I am very proud that I have my Master's degree and help people change their lives.  I've had a few doctors specifically refer their patients to me for therapy and that makes me feel good.  But the best part of my job is when the patients and family tell me "thank you."  It makes me proud of what I do.
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    Along the lines of what Maria said, I'm proud that I've gotten an education and a job that would allow me to be self-sufficient if I needed to be.

    I'm still incredibly proud of the fact that I put myself through college, even though I had to drop out for a year because I didn't have $$ for tuition. I'm the first college grad of the family. My BA actually means more to me than my MA does. That said, I'll be even prouder whenever I finally finish my PhD :)
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    Knot/Nest/Bump gods - academic distinction (*** laude) does not warrant censorship - LOL!  :o)

    Great stuff, ladies!  Keep it coming...

    Jersey - I'm also the first in my family to graduate from college, so I can relate.  It was such a big moment! 

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    Hmm, here are my highlights:

    - Graduating first in my class from law school

    - Paying off all my student loans

    - Hiking the Inca Trail

    - Traveling in Europe by myself

    - Getting over my ridiculous fear of needles so that I could give myself a shot everyday for weeks during my IVF cycle


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    1. Graduating magna *** laude with a B.A. and a B.S. Lots of hard work!

    2. Having students come back to me after they're in college and thank me for what I taught them. It means the world to me.

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    Receiving my master's degree at 23, getting a job in the field I went to school for, and seeing projects I work on come to fruition and make a difference in the community.
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    Great idea!  Here are a few of mine:

    - Graduated from Notre Dame

    - Ran a marathon

    - Moved 500 miles when 35 weeks pregnant

    - BFed for a year (although we did have to supplement some near the end)

    - And probably the hardest thing I have ever done was successfully completing a month-long field training while preparing to be an officer in the Air Force.  It was handsdown the hardest month of my life physically and mentally.

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    -Graduated magna *** laude with a double major in French Education/International Studies.

    -Studied abroad for 4 months (in France), and didn't speak a word of English with rommies for the entire stay. Surprise We made a pact to only speak in the target language to make the experience the best it could possibly be!(plus, my French family didn't speak English!)

    -Probably the biggest achievement though for me will take place in 3 weeks: I'll graduate from grad school... I've been working towards my Masters for over 4 years on and off between moving/starting a family, and this year has been the most difficult by far. I teach FT, go to grad school, and somehow manage to stay sane with a beautiful daughter and wonderful husband to come home to. :) I'm pretty proud that I've made it through this school year alive! Stick out tongue

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    My biggest achievement outside motherhood is graduating with a 4.0 in my Bachelor's Degree program. I did this while holding a full time job.

    I'm also proud of buying my own condo while single in my early 20's.


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    kel716kel716 member

    -Finishing my master's in math with a 4.0 gpa. 

    -EPing for 8.5 months and still going strong

    -Working for NASA in college and receiving a "Superior Achievement Award" from my boss.

    -living on my own for 3 years in an apartment by myself in Cincinnati when all of my family is elsewhere (4+ hours away)

    -having a reputation for being a solid math teacher who doesn't put up with much "crap"

    -receiving an award in high school from my teachers for showing strong commitment and concern for others and a willingness to make a difference


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    *  Buying my own house by myself in my early 20's

    *  Going through and passing EMT School and National Registry

    *  Going through Firefighter School, being the only female in the class with 29 guys and all male teachers who didn't think a 120 pound petite girl like myself could do the job, and also were very "old school thinking" and thought woman shouldn't do the job, "it was a man's job" whatever!  They made me do / lift more than the guys to try to get me to quit the class, but I pushed through for 6 weeks of pure hell and showed them by outdoing most of the guys in my class and passing the class being one of the top 3 in my class!  haha teachers, boo for you, yay for me!!  (wow that got long!)


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    I have three college degrees.  I graduated Magna C.u.m Laude with one and Summa c.u.m Laude with the other two.  I have multiple awards for academic achievement.  I was a single mom, maintained my own place, and raised my son while going to anesthesia school.  After the first few months, my mom passed away, so I had no family help at all.  I was not allowed to work, so it took some saving and planning ahead of time.  It was a grueling program, but I did it.  It also let my son learn some good habits while I was doing it.  I always had a book in my hand.  I am quite proud of hanging in there and getting it done.  I love my job!


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    I am proud of my DH and I for graduating with our Bachelor's, moving away from family so I could study for my Master's, got married, I got my Master's in Dec 05, moved for my job, DH graduated with his Master's, and then we got pregnant.  All of this and we are only 26.  We both got awesome GPA's also in college while working full time too.  I am also proud that we are finally paying down our MAJOR debt (when I say MAJOR, I mean it!).  I will sing praises to the WORLD when it is paid off in a few years, LOL!  We have also done all this without the help of our family financially.
    Our kids are 19mths apart and we LOVE it!!

    Married to my BFF on 8.13.05 (after dating 5 years)!

    DS born 2.14.08. DD born 9.30.09.

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    I'm the first person in my family to ever go to and graduate from college.  I also received a full ride nursing scholarship for four years!!  It still seems surreal to even think about how much God blessed me by getting that scholarship.

    It may seem funny, but the fact that I was married and had a great relationship with my husband before we decided to have kids is a big accomplishment for me.  Other women in my family have gotten pregnant very young and before they were married, and I am really just glad that I was able to have some time with my husband before starting to have a family.  We have a very strong relationship and have really grown together in our faith, and I feel like it has helped us to be better parents.  My husband is also the only man I have ever been with, and I am very proud of that.  I guess I am pretty old fashioned on this front :)

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