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Are "the shakes" a sign of labor??

For about the past two hours, my hands have been shaking and I feel like I've had too much caffeine, but I haven't.  My heart is thumping, too.  Anyone have an adrenaline rush pre-labor?

Yes, I am grasping at straws, here, but also really wondering why I've suddenly developed this lovely symptom.   

Re: Are "the shakes" a sign of labor??

  • Take this with a grain of salt but I would call your doctor.  With your heart pounding I would just want to be sure that everything is normal.
  • I got the shakes and jittery feeling when I wasn't keeping my blood sugar high enough. eat something and see what the dr says! :)


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  • Sounds like your blood sugar is too low.  Eat something and if doesn't get better, call your doctor.


  • I'm having a snack now and I'll call the doc if it doesn't get better soon.  I had to call them yesterday about my post-cervical-exam spotting, so I am reluctant to sound like a paranoid PG lady two days in a row, but I will if necessary.  Thanks!
  • I felt like that for a few days after she was born but not before. GL..I hope it is a sign.
  • I remember shaking like I was freezing, jittery teeth and all when I was in labor until I got the epi. I was also having contractions so don't know if this applies to you. When I asked the nurse about it at the hospital, she mentioned it's from a sudden change in your hormones.

    Hope the food helped otherwise, be sure to let us know what the dr says!

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