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Thinking of moving to West. Chester/Libert Twn area- tips?

DH works in Sharonville and the commute sucks. It takes him about an hour to and from work every day- it is really starting to take a toll.

So, we are tentatively looking at our option to move. It isn;t set in stone... we have family near here and have only lived in this house for 2 years.

But I wanted to look to see what's out there...

Any suggestions where to look or where not to look?

Our price range is from 175,000- 250,000 or so.


Re: Thinking of moving to West. Chester/Libert Twn area- tips?

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    Yes, I have a suggestion. Move to my neighborhood  :o)
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    With your price range you could build in my neighborhood, but were on the top side of Liberty. We're up in Liberty Township off of Kyles Station. Ryan Homes has several floor plans in your price range and there are like 5 lots left in the neighborhood. We looked around Liberty/ West Chester before we decided to build and there were nice houses on the market, but they were going fast.

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    If you come to the playdate Friday we can drive you around and show you some neighborhoods :)  That would be awesome if you moved here!  There is definitely a lot you could get in that price range.  I also agree with the pp that you would be able to build in that price range. 

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    This is the area we are looking at too with that exact price range! We could be neighbors!
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    Dang! There was a house right next door to us that just went through a land contract. You'd be nice neighbors to have! I'm not very familiar with any of the larger neighborhoods since we live on a large road. I think within your price range, you should be able to find a very nice house in the area. I didn't want to stay out in Liberty after I moved in with DH due to a long work commute, but now I love it and can't imagine living elsewhere even though my side of my close family lives no where near me.

    The Hawthorne Hills subdivision seems very nice. It butts up to our field in the back of our property.

    Beckett Ridge in West Chester seems like a very nice community as well. It's very pretty through there.

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    In general (although there are always exceptions, of course), I think West Chester is a little more congested and built up and Liberty Twp. tends to feel a little less developed. The area altogether is pretty huge, though, so it kind of depends on what you want. If you want very close access to a highway, if you want to be in a newer neighborhood vs. older, if you want a lot of land. That said, once you know your way around, I don't think it takes too long to get anywhere. 

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    We lived in Beckett Ridge when I first moved here in high school. It's a nice area and would be a very easy commute to Sharonville since it's the south part of West Chester.

    It's an older development though. I don't remember what our neighborhood was called, but I love the homes in Eagle Ridge.
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    You could also move to my neighborhood.  :)  We absolutely love this area.  It's very rare to meet someone who actually grew up here which is nice since we didn't, either.  It's really easy to fit in.  The schools are great and you can get a pretty good house for the money.  If you'd like to know more about my particular neighborhood, you can email me at nestloriz at
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    or my neighborhood! I am on the line between Liberty Township and West Chester.

    Are you coming to the playdate? Let's chat then.

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    kel716kel716 member

    I'm sure you can find a good amount of homes in your range.   

    Depending on where you go, if you choose a township in Ohio chances are good you won't pay any local income tax (just state and fed).  Not sure if your DH pays income tax in Sharonville or not, but it is a bit of a bonus.  :) 

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    I am actually glad you posted this.  DH and I were out that way yesterday for a funeral, and we really like the homes and the area in Liberty Township.  We are planning to either buy land and build or get an existing home on a very large lot in the next 3-4 years.  Yesterday, we added Liberty Township to the top of our list when we decide to shop. It looks like there are a lot of homes out there that are not cookie cutter and on large lots.  The schools are good, and as the pp said no taxes in a township.  The downside is that property taxes are very high, so it is a trade off.  I think it is an excellent choice IMO.  Have fun house hunting!
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    there is so much traffic in those areas now. the schools are already cram packed again. its like an explosion in that area. good schools, new hospital that is supposed to be great, good area. the only thing is that it is growing like crazy and traffic/schools are affected by that.

    DH grew up there and ILs still live in liberty township. BIL talks about how crowded HS is but gets a good education.

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