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I am having a real hard time getting enough protien, and getting to much I always feel like i am going to pass out.  I dont eat meat, so i try to get a lot of beans, and nuts.. anyone have the same problem?

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  • Hi! I feel that way too sometimes. It's really hard for me especially right now because I am so nauseated and not a big meat eater anyway. Breakfast is especially hard. Have you tried soy milk? That is a good one as well as yogurt. What about eggs? I know you said no meat, but thought I'd ask. Cheese is really low in carbs/sugar, cottage cheese, etc. Not sure if you eat dairy, I really hope this helps! If not, any form of soy would help!




  • i definetly have this problem as well! it happened to me when i was taking off on a airplane two weeks ago. i found it helpful to but my head between my legs!
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  • Carnation Instant Breakfast! It has extra protein and calcium. My aunt is disabled and was very weak. She started drinking it and has regained a lot of strength. While I am not a vegetarian, I imagine it would help :)
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