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Tell me about 30 day shred, please.

It is ON Demand from Time Warner right now. Should I do it? I am very plus sized but I love to exercise (I would spend days on the Elliptical if I had one). Do you love it? Do you hate it? I hate JM on Biggest Loser but I have seen 2 seasons of Biggest Loser Australia and she is a completely different person on that one (and i love her there), so I can take it.



Also...we have a medium-sized living room...will that work?

Re: Tell me about 30 day shred, please.

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    i just did day one today. ?i felt like i was going to die, but it was fun. ?i will definitely keep at it.
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    Mayday just posted about this with before and after pics:

    It's only 20 mins but sadly I don't even have time to do that, so I've only done it sporadically. Also I will say that it will kick your butt but in a good way. I told my co-worker about it because she loves to spend a long time onher eliptical as well and I told her if you can spend large amounts of time doing that then honestly your probably not doing very much in the way of a weigh loss workout. She tried it and realized that she was not doing ANYTHING on her eliptical, so be warned. GL.

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    kickenbkickenb member

    I just started to yesterday and also plus sized.  I am a size 20/22.  I love to work out and have always been on the bigger size (heck, pre baby I could even run a 5k).  But got out of it when Sam was born, no time.  But this was so quick and the best workout I had in a long time.  Normally, I just do walks with Sam, but this is something I think I can do in the evening when he goes to bed. 

    I'm going to try really hard to do this every day, if not, at least every other day.  I am sore today, so may need to go easy tonight.

    All I need now is a better sports bra.  I'm still nursing and had to hold the boobs during the jumping jacks and other bouncing activities. 

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