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W.LA/Santa Monica moms - Meetups? Babysitters?

Hello! We've recently relocated back to the west side of LA (Santa Monica proper) and are looking to connect with other moms, babies/toddlers, and also looking for a great babysitting network.

I'm a mom to a wonderful 13 month old girl, Rhayna ("rain-a"), who has endless energy, a hilariously flirty & outgoing personality who plays so well (and gentle) with other kids. She's very curious, loves to explore, climb, share, giggle, be rambunctious but also likes to scope out the situation before jumping in feet first.

I've joined some west side meetup groups but there are rarely any scheduled events. I know moms are busy but being a stay at home mom, we love to get out sometimes!

We're mere blocks from Douglas Park and love their smaller kid portion of the playground area. My daughter also loves to watch the older skateboarding kids after school lets out :)

Just thought I'd check on here to see if there are any moms who get together or are interested in getting together - perhaps for a picnic and playdate?

Also wondering if there are any great babysitting network resources. Since we're new to the area, and its always worrisome leaving your child with someone new, I thought I'd inquire of any suggestions!

Thanks ladies! Hope you're enjoying your Mother's Day weekend!
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