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Is there danger in not getting enough sleep?

my husband has epilepsy and only has seizures in his sleep. needless to say, i have a lot of trouble sleeping. i know that this is one of the main things that the doc tells you to do as far as pre-natal care. i've had one miscarriage, so i'm a little worried. can anyone tell me if there really is danger in not getting enough sleep? thanks!

Re: Is there danger in not getting enough sleep?

  • My understanding is that sleep deprivation can cause a lot of health issues, but I have no idea if it is linked to m/c.  Most m/c's are a result of a genetic problem in the developing embryo, which is ususally unrelated to anything the mother has done during her pg.  So I would try not to be too concerned at this point.  You probably don't want to add stress to your situation, if at all possible.

    As a side note, though, isn't there anything that can be done medication-wise to control your husband's sleep seizures?  That seems unfortunate to me, that they can't be controlled by medication.  That would solve a lot of issues for both of you.  GL to you.

  • I think you really need to find a way to get a good nights sleep. It is important in pre-natal care and your health and well-being in general. - I support Newt Gingrich's idea of colonizing the moon if it'll help me get away from Newt Gingrich.

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