BRU printable coupons!


I know many of you are setting things up so thought someone might be able to use these.  :)

Re: BRU printable coupons!

  • Very cool, where did you manage to get those?  Thanks for sharing!
  • Someone posted the link on the 6-12 month board and I thought some of you girls might be able to use them too.  However, I think you can go to BRU's website and they should have them listed there from time to time.  :)
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  • When I click they show expiration date of 5/28...I wonder if they will still honor them...I need a baby gate~
  • Silly girl you got 20 days till they expire.  Today is 5/8.  ;)
  • Holy Cow, do I need it to by 5 PM here in California...I think I'm just trying to get past my court date on May 20!

    So, for some reason, I saw 5/28 and thought 4/ I get a pass??? I am blonde natually, but am RED right now. can I claim Friday brain? Friday at 4:30 brain? Friday no wine yet after a hell of a week brain???

    Ok, I will go ahead and get my gate at 15% off. Thanks Jas. Embarrassed

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