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is this healthy??

With our first I gained 8 pounds through the entire pregnancy. I lost 13 first, gained that back then gained an extra 8. My dr then told me it was fine cause I am small anyway, but with this baby I have not lost any weight and have only gained about 4 pounds.... my dr doesn't bring anything up at my appointments and I eat ALL the time, could this be problematic or is it ok?

Re: is this healthy??

  • Far be it from me to assess your health and well being, but since your doctor isn't being very helpful and you've come onto to this website seeking advice, I will give it to you.

    ?Not only does this not seem healthy, but it doesn't even sound physiologically possible. ?At 32 weeks your fluids (amniotic, blood) breast tissue and placenta should collectively weigh at minimum 4 lbs, not to mention your baby should be at least 2 lbs. by now. ?I obviously don't have your medical info in front of me, but you did mention you were small, but even if you scaled back the typical weight gain measurements that most woman gain just based on fluids, placenta, baby, and breast milk you should still be at least around 15 lbs. by full term, and that's still a bit on the scrawny side.

    I know everyone's different, but this is, give or take a few pounds, what is considered normal and healthy.


  • Thank you so much! My dr really doesn't tell me crap. I have been pretty worried about it but with my insurance I can't change dr's.
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  • You are very welcome. ?I'm glad I was able to help. ?I didn't want to alarm you or sound too preachy, but I think you deserve to have some information that will help answer your question(s). ?Sorry to hear your doc isn't being very helpful, hang in there. :)
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    If your doctor isn't being very helpful, is there a nurse on his staff that you could talk to?  They are often more informative and can spend more time with you.  A lot of hospitals also offer educational classes to expecting mothers so maybe that is something you can look into.  I would also go to your appointments with a list of questions.  I've found the more proactive I am and if I'm prepared at my appointments, they usually are more productive.  Some insurance companies also have a healthy pregnancy program where you can get info online and even talk to a nurse online. Best of luck!
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  • I would bring it up to the doctor directly - say you are worried.  Don't let your doctor ignore something you are nervous about - it doesn't help you or the baby. 
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