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3rd Trimester

Benign Gestational Thrombocytopenia

Just went to the hematologist today...found out I probably have BGT. It is a condition that can happen in your third trimester.It is when platelet counts are low...mine is 109,000. Your levels should be above 150,000. Dr. said it does not present a problem unless it drops below 100,000...when they would try to bring them up with steroids or something called IVIG before giving birth to avoid any problems with bleeding. In case you dont know, platelets are what helps your blood clot. Let me know if anybody has had this same problem!

Re: Benign Gestational Thrombocytopenia

  • I'm sorry that you have to deal with this complication. I'm sure everything will go smoothly the day of delivery though. It sounds like you have great Docs if they are diligent enough to pick this up before your due date.?

  • I've had this with all three pregnancies, and it's never posed a problem. ?I think the lowest it got was 108 at the end of my first pregnancy. ?My dr. said today they'll just check it when I first get to the hospital to make sure it's still stable. ?Good luck!
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