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Need Prenatal vitamin Rec. for those that have sensitive stomachs

Can you guys recommend prenatal vitamins for those that have sensitive stomachs?  I have GERD (like acid reflux) so I'm having problems finding ones...  I used to take Prima Care Advantage with DHA & EPA and they seemed fine but I just found out from my pharmacy today that they no longer are making these.

 Thanks for all your help!

Re: Need Prenatal vitamin Rec. for those that have sensitive stomachs

  • I really like my Prenate DHA. No fishy burps or sour stomach at all.

    Good Luck!

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  • I take Prenatal One multivitamin by Rainbow Light. ?I too have a sensitive stomach and found most of the prescription pre-natal vitamins made me extremely nauseous, mostly because they all had waaay too much iron (90 mg.) and trans-fats too, which i thought was a weird ingredient to put in vitamins. ?Anyway, I can take these on an empty stomach, no problem. ?As for a pre-natal multi WITH the DHA and EPA that is gentle, I'm not sure, but I know you can buy separate DHA supplements that are safe for moms.


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  • I take Nature Made Multi Prenatal and you can get it at walmart. I take it around noon everyday with a glass of milk and I will usually eat something with it....even if it's something small. I haven't had any issues with it in the 2+ months I've been on it.


    Hope this helps!! Goodluck.

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