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I really enjoyed it tonight. Rock is our fave so it hit home with us.  I loved Adam's performance as always and I liked Kris's.  Allisons was lame and Danny's to me was horrific in every sense of the word.  Adam and Allisons duet probably redeemed her though.  If I had to pick, Danny would go home. 

What do you think?

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  • Rock is our fave kind of music too. 

    I missed it b/c we had dinner at another couple's house tonight.  Tim is playing the guitar for their little girl, who is singing some Hannah Montana song in her school's talent show.  So they practiced tonight.

    I didn't watch the show, but my faves are still Adam and Danny.  Yeah, I know, complete opposites, but hey, what can I say?  I like 'em!  Sucks to hear Danny didn't do well! 

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    go down to the video and watch it..... was awful.

     Watch the whole thing.

  • LOL I am not doubting you!!!  I just saw your post on fb about him...I lmao about it!
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  • Just speaking from my heart. Smile
  • And that is why I lurve you!!!
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  • And because you lurve me you are my bff. Stick out tongue
  • Aw how sweet.  Us bff really need to meet, don't ya think?!
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  • I do think.  Sometimes. 

    YES!  We should. 

  • Ooh, I can't wait! 

    So any plans for the weekend? 

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  • Saturday day is our flower girl/best friends little girls birthday party.  Satruday night, wedding in NOLA.  What else could I possibly be doing in the month of May other than a wedding.  LOL
  • LMAO I guess you will have to schedule me in!!!
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