Adoption magazines?

I'm thinking I'd like to subscribe to an adoption magazine, and am looking for recommendations.

Re: Adoption magazines?

  • Me, too! I'm looking into Adoptive Families. I've been perusing their website,and I'm trying to find a copy on the newsstand before I subscribe, but looking at their website I see that they do sell individual copies if you can't find one on the shelf.
  • I Iove Adoptive Families mag.  I used to buy it at Borders (in the parenting section) but I have a subscription now.  My MIL gave it to us for Christmas. :) 


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  • I was actually unimpressed with adoptive families :(  I found it only had a couple decent articles in each issue and I could sign onto or other sites and obtain much more info free.  I also didn't like that it only comes once every two months.  It's been a while since I ended my subscription, so maybe things changed?
  • LOVE IT. It is the best magazine ever IMO. Some magazines I can flip through and be done with in 30 minutes or less. AP magazine takes me almost two hours - even though it is not a thick magazine. The stories are wonderful. The recommendations are great - even if it isn't your path it is always nice to stay informed about other pathes.

    Again, I can't recommend it enough.

  • We were given a free year of Adoptive Families when we finalized. Eh. I wouldn't pay for it--I felt like the information was starting to repeat itself--like it wasn't meant for a long-term subscriber. The Interwebs have better info.
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