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I'm going to the store to get some ingredients to make a smoothie. I want it to be somewhat filling, delicious, and somthing that can be quick (5 min and under) so I can make it on my way out the door to work. Any recipe suggestions? I am a banana/pina colada fan if that helps :)

Re: Recommend your smoothie

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    Love smoothies - but they are expensive and sugarry when bought at a smoothie shop.

    I get frozen fruit - there are lots of options in the freezer section of the grocery store.  I add FF vanilla yogurt - maybe a scoop of vanilla protein and some ice. If not sweet enough I add a splenda. Since you like the banana/pina colada - you could add banana and pineapple with yogurt and ice.

    I buy bulk yogurt when I know I am going to make smoothies regularly - plus the vanilla is good with any fruit. 

    Hope this helps 

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  • Try mixing skim milk, vanilla protein powder (I recommend BSN Syntha-6 for content and flavor), a banana, a dash of coconut extract, and some ice (but not too much, or you'll lose the flavor). You'll get your calcium, protein, a fruit, and lots of vitamins/minerals!
  • I know I'm a little late, but here's my favorite smoothie recipe

    - 1/2 banana

    - 1/2 c. chopped pineapple

    - 1/2 c. plain yogurt

    - 1/2 c. orange juice

    I put the ingredients in plastic containers in advance and keep them in the fridge so I just grab one, mix and go. 

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  • I'm late too, but here are my two favorites:

    1 cup of low sugar apple juice (Mott's for tots), 1 cup of low fat vanilla yogurt, a handful of strawberries, a banana and 2 tbs of ground flax seed.

    1 cup of tropicana low sugar orange juice, 1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt, one banana, half a mango and 2 tbs of ground flax seed.

    They both fill me up and keep me full, and the flax seed keeps the pregnancy constipation away.

    Edit: This makes enough for two people, I usually split it with DH. When I'm on my own, I cut the liquids and yogurt down to 1/2 cup each.

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  • I do I container on an flavored fat free yogurt, froven fruit (whatever would be good with that type of yogurt) and fill the yogurt cup up with water and add it into the blender. Little fat, little sugar, and delicious!
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  • I make a spinach smoothie that is amazing. Sounds weird but you have to just try it.  Handful of fresh spinach, parsley, lots of pineapple and orange (or OJ) and ice.  Sometimes I add protein powder and/or yogurt.  Its really refreshing
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  • My husband worked at Tropical Smoothie Cafe before he enlisted.

    So I get a variety of yummy smoothies! I'm truly blessed.

    Favorite so far: Strawberry Lemonade

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