GTKYF: PIP Now and Then

Kirsten's '1 year ago today' got me thinking about a Now and Then theme for pictures.  Post 2 of 'then' and one of 'now'.  It can be of anything...your children (to see how much they've grown), you and your DH from your wedding and one of today, a remodel you've done on your house/nursery, your pets when they were baby pets, your hair style and how it's changed, your first car vs. your car now, etc.


Option 1:  Go to and upload your picture.  Resize it to website/email.  Copy the [ IMG ] code into your post and hit the post button.

Option 2:  When you reply click on the little button that looks like a tree (next the smiley face).  Paste the url of your picture that you have stored to a shutterfly or similar picture hosting site. 

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