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Swimming Lessons?

Has anyone done swimming lessons in the Orlando/Clermont area? Any recommendations? Anyone try to teach their DC themselves? How did it go? I'm trying to figure out if I want to do lessons or try it myself.
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Re: Swimming Lessons?

  • My pediatrician recommended Safe Start. From what I've heard from parents who have utilized them, they can teach toddlers how to "swim" within a couple months. When I priced them out, they were $600 though...which I thought was quite high.

    I'm going to start Mommy and Me classes this summer. They are cheaper, and they aren't as stressful as the Safe Start methods.

  • My son was almost 2 years old when he started Safe Start last year and I would recommend this over anything else. At his age they focus on "survival swimming" which is swimming under water towards the edge/steps and turning over onto your back to get breaths in between. And screaming for mom and dad or crying while he floated. Yes, it was hard watching my baby panic and cry, but after 6 weeks he could be in the middle of the pool and get to the side safely on his own. It was pricey but they have a scholarship program that you could ask about. He is so comfortable in the water and I would never have been able to force him to learn like his teacher did. I would have stopped when he started to panic. She forced him to do it and he is a fish!! We have to coax him out of the pool with treats now:)


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