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really is a good guy.  I went out tonight as planned to go support my friend who is starting her own business in bodywork (Pilates instructor) and therapeutic massage and then to the bookstore to hideout for awhile.  I came home and was asked if I'd run to the department store for MIL because she had a coupon that expired today and wanted to redeem it so I did.  However, I was not allowed to take DS out that late (at 9, he doesn't go to bed until 10/10:30) because it was too late and why isn't he on a babies schedule....meaning 7-7?, I guess because no other kids ever in the history of children have his 10-10 schedule (note sarcasm).  So, I sped to go get her thing because I was done and wanted DS and DH time.  Well, DH told me that she got in his face a bit tonight because he only had yogurt for dinner.  He refused everything else given to him.  I don't force things on him because if I do then he reverts back to a previous stage and stubbornly stays there until he feels like progressing.  If he eats crackers and yogurt for dinner every night I'm happy because it's something.  So, go DH for standing his ground and not putting up with the criticism.  Apparently our APing, CDing and BFing ways that have produced a generally happy child most days is still the wrong was to raise a child.  :-P
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