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when did your LO start having a bedtime?

i know they usually tend to make their own schedules and my LO has been falling asleep around 7-730 the last few nights and of course waking up 3 hours later to eat. sometimes he goes right back down and other times he's wide awake for a while. im not sure if this is a nap, or if i should start thinking of it as his bedtime. i know he's still young for a schedule...

Re: when did your LO start having a bedtime?

  • Just recently, but we probably could have started earlier. Up until a week ago or so we'd keep DS downstairs with us until we went to bed at 10 pm. He'd usually just sleep on us from 8ish on. Last week we started putting him in his crib around 8 pm and he is down for the night (gets up at 2ish to eat but goes right back to bed).

    At your DS's age I'm not sure it makes a difference whether it is a nap or bedtime. ?

  • JLS0320JLS0320 member
    At 5 wks DS suddenly started going down for 6 hrs around 9-10pm. I know he's too young to really hold him to this, but we are on day 10 and he's STTN...fingers crossed it lasts I am loving the sleep!
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