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Weaning and Swine Flu

I just told DH that I wasn't going to think about weaning until the threat of swine flu passed.

I said this w/ an air of authority like some how BM is going to be the magic bullet and otherwise she would get it. 

I love how I make stuff up sometimes. 

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Re: Weaning and Swine Flu

  • Actually you'll still be able to help give antibodies and help make any illness shorter so yeah it kind of can be a magic bullet!  ;-)
  • Excellent thinking.  Maybe this theory will shut my MIL up for a while longer.
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  • I told DH that I was starting to feel sick yesterday. He started to get worried even though I told him it's just a cold. I then told him if I do get sick it's better for me to continue nursing DS to help give him antibodies. He didn't seem too happy about that idea. He's outta luck though since there's no way I'm giving this kid formula for no reason. And can you believe my IL's were actually asking a month ago how long I was going to continue breastfeeding? I think they were a bit put off that I said until at least a year. I don't think I would have had the confidence for that if there weren't so many breastfeeding mamas on here. Makes it seem less "weird."
  • luvlieKluvlieK member
    I was wondering the same thing. ?Meaning, if it would help at all. ?I think it would too.
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